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Let’s Test Conferences are all about context-driven testing. We meet, talk, listen and learn from each other in order to build a stronger community of testers and to improve our testing skills. With conferences happening all over the world, the Let’s Test Experience is never far away. Join us!

Let's Test 2016

The Let’s Test 2016 program has been published!

Click here to download the full program schedule (pdf).

Let’s Test 2016 will takes place between May 23rd-25th 2016 at Runö Conference Center in Stockholm, Sweden

Join us for our 5 year celebration! We’ll be kicking off the 5th annual Let’s Test conference at Runö Conference Center just outside of Stockholm on May 23-25th, 2016.


Check out the Let’s Test 2016 program!

Have you ever attended a conference that has had sessions spanning morning, day, evening and night before? Well now you can.

And don’t worry about not being able to go to every session. In fact, we recommend that you don’t even try. Cherry pick the times and sessions that makes the most sense for you and skip the ones that don’t and leave time for downtime and rest. We’ve asked all speakers to appear at least twice during the conference so you won’t have to miss out on workshopping with your favorite instructor or seeing your favorite speaker anyway. Let’s Test 2016 is an all-you-can-eat, internationally catered smorgasbord [ˈsmœ̞rɡɔsˌbuːɖ] of the most awesome kind.


Do you want to be seen and heard at any of the conferences? Take the chance to be part of Let´s Test, the Context Driven testing Conferences. Be like us, be one of the pioneers!

This is a context-driven conference so we want to have sponsors that support context-driven testing.

As this is not an ordinary conference we hope you as a sponsor also become extraordinary by rethinking sponsoring with us. We hope that you become an integrated part of the conference and take effort to be remembered by attendees as something cool and valuable in contrast to merely a sponsor’s booth with free candies.


When we say ”for testers, by testers” we mean that our main goal for these conferences is to make them a valuable experience for all participants.

Let’s Test in Pictures

Haven’t been to a Let’s Test conferences yet? Or maybe you have and you want to reminisce about the awesomeness that was that particular Let’s Test Experience? Even if you’re just curious to see what’s going on at other Let’s Test events, this is your chance. Trying to describe in words what makes us special is difficult, but pictures speak volumes. This is what community building at its best looks like.

Click below for a glimpse of previous conferences around the world, thanks to Flickr and our illustrious photo crew.

Let's Test Flickr

Let's Test Conferences on Context-Driven Testing - For Testers, By Testers

When we say ”for testers, by testers” we mean that our main goal for these conferences is to make them a valuable experience for all participants, not to maximize profit. We are ourselves part of a team made up of serious, passionate and professional testers that back in 2011 decided that it was time to set up a context-driven testing conference in Europe. Since the inaugural Let’s Test conference in 2012, some team members have left and others have been added, and the conference has expanded to been organized in Australia as well as in Europe. We’re happy to see the Let’s Test family grow, but regardless of where you visit a Let’s Test conference, you can be sure that we’ll never compromise on the “for testers, by testers” principle.