We proudly present Steven Smith

We are proud and happy to announce that Steven Smith will be coming to Let’s Test 2013 to hold a full day tutorial. We will announce more tutorials and other news all the way up to we announce the complete program so keep an eye out for more news. We are very excited about Steven Smith’s tutorial and we hope you will be as excited as we are.


About Steven Smith:

Steven M. Smith (stevenMsmith.com) is a systems engineer who specializes in helping technical leaders delight customers, manage change, and strengthen teamwork. With more than three decades of experience as a thought leader in technical organizations, he shares his know how through his writing, consulting, and leadership of experiential workshops. He is a board member of the Virginia Satir Global Network (satirglobal.org) and a founder of the annual Amplifying Your Effectiveness (AYE) Conference (ayeconference.com). Steven can be reached at steve@stevenMsmith.com.

About the tutorial:

Better Teamwork, Better Product

Teaming with others to solve a complex technical problem can be deeply satisfying. It can also be pure hell. Why? It’s painful to be a member of a team that can’t work together and thus can’t deliver a successful product. Have you experienced this pain?

All things being equal, the better the teamwork, the better the product. But it’s a mistake to believe that teamwork will happen continuously and automatically — it rarely does. Even high-performance teams experience periods when teamwork is lousy. But a high-performance team has members who know how to deal effectively with teamwork issues. This know-how may be unconscious —members just take effective actions but cannot tell you their plan — or conscious —members can tell you their plan and why they chose it. Conscious competence is more powerful – people who have it can teach others how to do what they do, which enables their know-how to spread throughout an organization.

The goal of this workshop is to heighten your conscious competence for enhancing teamwork and solving technical problems. The workshop will be experiential. You will be a member of a team that brings a product to market. You and your teammates will wrestle with a technical problem directly related to software testing and, by doing so, you will experience the joys and pains of working on a team.

We will thoroughly debrief your experience. You will receive feedback from outside observers and your teammate. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback to your teammates. You will hear about the experience of other teams grappling with the same technical problem. You will have opportunities to apply what you have learned so when you return to your organization, you can approach problems based on experience rather than just theory.

This workshop will be valuable to managers, project managers, software testers, and anyone interested in product development, inter-personal dynamics and process improvement.


Ola Hyltén

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