Facilitators, where are the facilitators?

Are you friendly and confident? Are you looking for a challenge? Do you think you are able to stand in front of an audience and control the room?  Would you like to be a more active participant of Let’s Test?
Then it is YOU we are looking for.
The Let’s Test conference needs facilitators. If interested, you would have to arrive in Runö no later than 08:30am on Sunday for the facilitator instruction session. That quite effectively rules out every incoming flight on Sunday and you are therefore forced to enjoy some beers with us on Saturday evening.
Do not miss the amazing live instruction by the fantastically gifted and world-famous Paul Holland and the equally wonderful Ilari Henrik Aegerter.
What is in it for you?
Fame! Fortune! Rock’n Roll! And some token of appreciation we have not decided on yet.
Still interested or have questions? Please send a short e-mail to Ilari Henrik Aegerter at myself@ilari.com and to Paul Holland at me@testingthoughts.com and your name will be noted.
Deadline: End of March

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