Let’s TestLab 2013 will continue to reinvent the concept of the Testlab

We’re Martin Jansson and James Lyndsay, and we’re very pleased to be asked to run the Let’s TestLab again in 2013. Every TestLab is different, but last year’s Let’s TestLab surprised us by drawing over 60 people for two intense evenings testing. We hope we rose to the challenge and adapted our concept to fit the crowd. In 2013, we’re expanding the TestLab by introducing something entirely new.

We share the idea that Open Source Testing is important, and we have always given participants the opportunity to be able to look through session notes from various testers, and to contribute their own. This year, we’ll announce the systems before the conference, and we’ll invite anyone and everyone to get testing beforehand. We hope you’ll contribute your notes, sessions, bug reports and any other artefacts to be a source for discussion and to trigger changes in your own note taking and test framing skills. We know that Let’s Test is a  gathering of really great testers – think of the fun to be had looking over each other’s shoulders.

This year, for the first time, we want some of you to come to the TestLab in teams. If you’d like to form up beforehand, please send your team name, and the names and email details of your team members to martin.jansson@testverkstaden.se. We recommend you get into teams of four. You can, of course, form pick-up teams when we get to Runö, but those who submit first get priority.

We will continue to experiment with collaborative testing through Exploratory Test Adventures. The teams will be part of an adventure with various scenes and encounters where they together will try to avoid traps, obstacles and other difficulties thrown in their path. We will collaborate on test planning, testing and test reporting, driven by the warped imagination of the dungeon master project manager.

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