LeTs WET Peer Conference

As conference warmup Simon Morley and Jean-Paul Varwijk are delighted to organize a peer conference the Sunday before Let’s Test (19 May 2013).

The LeTs WET Peer Conference will have a closed and an open session and will be held in the tradition of the LEWT and DEWT peer conferences with the following format.

Closed Session

Each experience report starts with a 15 minute (max) talk, followed by a 15 to 30 minute (max) period of facilitated open discussion (open season).

Presentation order will be selected by dot vote at the start of the peer conference based on a short description provided by the presenter.

The scheduled start for LeTs WET is 10:45at the Runö Conference Centre, Åkersberga.

The expected finish time of the closed session of the peer conference is approximately 17:00.

Open Session

The open session will begin after dinner (in or near to the bar) with time for lightning talks, open discussion and panel discussion. This will be open to other conference participants to attend.


The closed session will be used by conference moderators for pre-conference practice.


Both experienced and new testers are welcome – participation will be up to a maximum of 20 (with space for moderator practice).


Attendees are expected to present/discuss an experience report on the following themes:

·      Learning to be Context-Driven

·      Context-Driven Testing adoption experiences

·      Systems Thinking in Context-Driven Testing

We want to hear positive AND less-positive experiences, and what was learnt

Deadline / Contact

If you are interested and want to participate please send a short proposal (max.200 words) and your personal details and presenting experience, by 31 March 2013. to:

Jean-Paul Varwijk              Varwijk@gmail.com

Simon  Morley        yorkyabroad@gmail.com

We will select and notify attendees in advance (mid April) and hope to see youat Let’s Testto start with us on Sunday!


Jean-Paul and Simon

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