Let’s Testlab update

We are getting ever closer to the Let’s Test conference. Usually we are protective of what you are going to expect to test in the testlab, we will continue to be that to some extent. One thing we will share is that we will be testing at least two applications, namely XBMC (http://xbmc.org) and Mumble (http://mumble.sourceforge.net/). Both applications can be tested in many styles and can be a platform for many fruitful discussions about testing. XBMC is focusing on handling media while Mumble is a communication tool.

Many participants at the conference are interested to know what YOU can do as a tester. By sharing experiences, techniques and test ideas with those next to you in the Testlab, you can learn so much more. Speakers are urged to illustrate their talk, to show how it can be applied in practise. Everyone are welcome to join a pick-up team or form a team with hand-picked testers for the Testlab. Continue to build your reputation as a tester and do that in the testlab!

A reminder to all participants in the testlab, last year we were close 60 people in the testlab. We will probably only be able to organise a handful of laptops from sponsors. For this to be a success we urge you to bring your own laptop with your favorite set of tools. If possible, set it up with a complex configuration on varied types of OS (see error-prone machine from thetesteye.com for inspiration).

We intend to fill the walls in the Testlab with notes, maps and sketches from your testing. Run a test session on XBMC or Mumble on any area that you find interesting, that you wish to explore deeper. Send the artifacts from your session to martin.jansson@testverkstaden.se.

Bring a laptop and bring a head-set, when testing Mumble. Your voices will be the testdata!

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