The evenings are all about fun fun fun and a bit of drinking!

Here are some of the things that will take place during the evenings at Let’s Test 2013. You can do it all or nothing, it is your choice. Hanne is the go-to-girl if you have any questions regarding the evenings.

Swimming: Since Runö conference centre is situated very nicely by the sea, do not forget your swimsuit! For you who still think it is too cold in the sea, there is a pool as well…
Workout: No matter if you decide to join for SAST group training class, rise early and go for the 5k run at Tuesday morning or take a jog by yourself, bring your sportswear!
Art walk: Runö Conference Center is housing one of the largest and coolest private art treasures in Sweden. This is a unique collection of art, with a total of over 700 works! We are very proud of being able to offer a guided tour of this art collection.
Nature walk: Runö has 40 acres of stunning natural scenery. Åke Strid, one of the most famous Swedish gardeners, will take you on a botanical journey and tell you all there is to know about the biotope.
SAST group training class: On Tuesday may 21 between 17:30 – 18:10 you will have the possibility to participate in the exclusive mixture of two different SATS group training classes.
Dance class: one of the evenings we have a professional dance instructor to sharpen your moves on the dance floor. Tango, swing or lindy hop prepare to have fun!
Sponsor bar: Every night between 21-22 one of our sponsors will make sure you have something to cool your throat with. Welcome!
MusicQuiz: On Monday evening you will be tested! This time regarding your knowledge in music, artists and songs during a musicquiz. Par up in a mixed team since you will get questions on music from all over the world.
DJ: DJ Victor Schvarcz will play some sweet sweet music on Monday evening and maybe he succeeds in getting our dance leg twitching. Come and enjoy over a nice drink!
Live Band: On Tuesday evening you can enjoy the very nice tones of Klarströms Klezmer!
5 k Run: For you early birds there will be a possibility to join Hanne for a 5k run along the water at 07.30 on Tuesday morning.
Boule: During your stay at Let’s Test you can, whenever you want too, play boule.
Kubb: For you who have not yet encountered Kubb, you will have your chance at Let’s Test! You’re welcome to try and learn at 19.30 on Monday night. The game is on at 20.00!
Kubb (pronounced [kɵb] in Swedish or [kub] in Gutnish) is a lawn game where the object is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them.[1] Kubb can be somewhat described as a combination of bowling and horseshoes. Today’s version originated on the island of Gotland, Sweden. In English, the game is often pronounced as “koob”, which rhymes with “tube”. It is often claimed that the game dates back to the Viking Age and has survived on Gotland.
Rubik’s cube competition: There will be a competition on who is fastest on solving Rubik’s cube. You can have a go at it whenever you want, just check the time and remember to log it in the book. We trust that you do not cheat!
Video game: Those of you who visited Let’s Test last year sorely remember the videogames. This year Let’s Test hosts and it will be the same setup. Which is: possibility to play Kinect Xbox 360 during breaks and evenings with a grand final a.k.a competition on Tuesday night between 20-22.
Rounders: For you who want to set up a team and play there are all the possibilities in the world to play a game of Rounders.
Rounders (Irish: cluiche corr) is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams. Rounders is a striking and fielding team game that involves hitting a small, hard, leather-cased ball with a round wooden, plastic or metal bat. The players score by running around the four bases on the field.
Tricks & Puzzle: Try to solve an almost impossible trick or puzzle and get that grey matter work! Available at any time for you who want to test your patients.
Badminton: Wanna go for a round of Badminton, net and racks is up and you can have a go whenever you feel like it.
Pool: Go for a round of pool, just visit the cellar!
Soccer: The easiest and most popular sport in the world. Just fetch the boll and get going!
Darts: Test your aiming in Darts and challenge each other! Try it out in the cellar.

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