Dance lesson with Max Kepler, coming all the way from Seattle!

Partner dance is a fun and effective way to train your brain to collaborate with another person in real-time. It’s also a great way to reduce stress, improve your sense of well-being, and keep your mind sharp as you get older. Furthermore, the rapid-fire split-second decision making involved in freestyle social dancing may increase cognitive reserves: Prospective and retrospective studies suggest that frequent social dancing wards off age-related decline in mental acuity.

The take-home messages here are: Learn to dance sooner, rather than later, and dance often.

If you have never set foot on a dance floor in your life, this class will give you some generalized partnering skills for the social dance floor and an opportunity to practice them to popular music from the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, and today. Even if you’re already a tango aficionado, or have been lindy hopping for decades, you will gain insights from this workshop, in which participants will play skill-building games that increase kinesthetic awareness, balance, and coordination, and create opportunities for interactive improvisational playfulness.
The class will be on Monday between 19.30-21.00

Influenced by her grandparents, who met at a dance near Boston, Massachusetts in the 1930’s, Max fell in love with partner dancing in college and has been a menace on the dance floor ever since. She began her study of both lindy hop and Argentine tango in 1997, while living in Los Angeles, and has been teaching social dance to students of all ages since 2001.

Max’s teaching style is highly interactive and incorporates elements from her training in ballet, jazz, tai chi, and rehabilitative fitness education. As partner dance is an inherently social activity, her workshops typically include community-building warm-up exercises as well as skill-building instructional games. In Max’s classes, students develop kinesthetic awareness and increase their partnering skills through cooperative learning, playful exploration of possibilities, and plenty of fun!

For more information about Seattle-based classes with Max visit the Dance Kepler website.
To schedule a private lesson with Max (in Stockholm area from May 20th-May 25th), contact her at 1-425-522-2481 or

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