Test Confluence, Test Robots or take the dice challenge in the TLT test lab

The test lab is a place for putting knowledge and ideas into practice. You will be supported by the lab facilitators (Penny, Alessandra, Lee and Andrew), who will make sure you are comfortable.

You will come to the lab for these reasons:
To practice your own ideas or those of others
To discuss and learn through collaboration with peers
To meet the presenters face to face
To meet others through games and playtime

We have a loads of options for you in the test lab at Tasting Let’s Test.

Application Testing
Atlassian’s Penny Wyatt has a feature that’s crying out for you to find bugs in it. But it’s not just about bugs. It’s about charting your approach, performing self-aware testing, and focusing on the areas that provide value.

The product is Atlassian’s own Confluence – a wiki used for team collaboration. You will focus on testing one little-known feature. There will be an instance hosted in the cloud for you to use, although you can also download a trial and run it as a local installation on your laptop. This feature is only available for desktop (non-mobile) browsers.

The app testing will occur for as short or long as you wish, you make the rules. You are welcome to attend the mandatory session in the lab and test the app within the given timeframes. You are encouraged to form a small self-organised team of 2-3 people.

Bug hunt! Smash it up, own that feature!
Raise bugs, good bugs.
Avoid getting sidetracked by trivial bugs that don’t impact user experience.
Collaborate with and self-organise a team.
Report your method and results.

Testing Robots
Master them, or they will master you… These little beasts are full of surprises. Storm towards a mission by using your testing ideas and methodology of choice. You will be in the safe hands of Andrew Robins for this is a team exercise, so bring your friends (or friends will be found for you!). You will need to deliver, and you will not have much time so get your game face on.

Do excellent testing and to have fun
Describe your test approach and why you did what you did
Take note of any implicit assumptions that you are making. How are these helping you,  how are these hindering you?

The famous dice challenge
Can you crack Lee Hawkins’s code? Critical lessons around focussing and defocusing will be examined during this game. Why? Because bugs often hide and require systematic and non-systematic approaches and techniques to find them.

So, how do we play the game? Your mission is to determine a pattern that the facilitator has thought of. You will be given a set of dice and we will go from there. Don’t worry, the facilitator is actually there to help you by pointing out patterns of discovery and progress.

When your guess and the facilitator’s answers match  often enough that you are convinced you have worked out the pattern, you explain it to the facilitator – but beware, you only get one try! If you are right, you win the game, if not the facilitator wins!

Speakers corner
Alessandra Moreira will be making introductions between delegates and the speakers. The speakers at Tasting Let’s Test will be hanging about in the lab, or close to it. They will be available for you to ask further questions, or team up with in a lab activity. This is your chance to bring those tricky questions to the experts. Make good use of these guys, they know their stuff.

Oh the lure of prizes. Come and take part, you might be going away with more than new skills and a good time! Prizes will be announced at the end of the conference.

What you need to bring
It is a test lab with a difference; there is no equipment. Please bring a laptop to test with. the app is not able to be tested with a smartphone or a tablet device; these are both out of scope. We will do the rest. We aim to make the test lab hassle-free so you can maximise your experience.

You will need to weigh up whether you want to come to the lab and do an activity, or listen to a presentation in the main room. The choice is yours. We will open the lab early in the morning, so if you want to maximise your time at Tasting Let’s Test, make sure you register at 8:15am, then head to the test lab for some early testing and challenges.

Remember, the test lab is a happening place to take those ideas in the presentations and put them into practice. Its about trying your own methodology and sharing your ideas with others. Its about collaboration, and reaching a goal. Its about solving problems, and communicating. But overall it’s about fun!

See you in the lab!

Richard Robinson
Test lab coordinator

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