Why Should You Attend Let's Test 2014?

Still not sure whether you should attend Let’s Test this year? Let’s take a look at some of the content we’ve got in store to maybe help you decide. Why not start with the Keynotes?

If you’ve been at Let’s Test before, then you know it’s not just any old conference. Here, you won’t be forced to sit quietly in a corner listening to speakers providing you the “Truth of Software Testing”. Instead we’re offering you more opportunity to engage and interact than ever before. We’ve not only added several workshop style sessions to the program this year – we’ve even made one of the keynotes interactive.

Steve Smith will be a familiar face to people who’ve either been to Let’s Test last year, or to those that might have attended one of the highly regarded AYE conferences of years past. Steve will have his keynote for you on the second day of the conference, and it will be like nothing you’ve ever seen in a keynote before. You will participate in an experiential exercise about inclusion and exclusion. Humans will be human. Growth and competition often creates dysfunctional behavior. Some members will steadfastly value existing beliefs and relentlessly fortify barriers to repel new ideas. Some members will passionately value new ideas and place little value on existing beliefs. Some members will claim that that differences of opinions are settled rationally. Some members will be ambivalent but will enjoy watching the drama. It is quite a show. You will explore questions such as: What are the beliefs of this testing guild? Who has posted themselves on the walls to protect beliefs? What new ideas have been rejected? How does an idea become a belief? Whose opinion counts the most?

Does that sound like the usual yada-yada you’re used to from previous keynotes you’ve attended? Not really, right?

Our opening keynote will be given by none other than the well-known author Tim Lister. Many in the professional testing community hold Tim’s books in high regard: “Peopleware”, “Adrenaline Junkies & Template Zombies” and “Waltzing With Bears” probably being the three most famous ones. Now, many of us have a few years of professional experience. Some of us may even have passed the 10 or 20 year mark in our careers. However, Tim Lister has a whopping 42 years of experience behind him, and he’s willing to share his career insights with us all at Let’s Test. His keynote will among other things touch on how team dynamics have changed over the years, and how they bring new challenges to tight collaboration, and afterwards you’ll be able to pick his brain with questions of your own. Remember, the Let’s Test format always allows 1/3 of any session for questions. That includes keynotes. Which means you’ll have 30 minutes of open season to ask Tim whatever you want and hopefully gain some valuable understanding from one of the industry’s foremost experts on the human aspects of technological work.

As usual, we’ll end the conference with a closing keynote, and this year we have a real gem for you. Jon Bach, famous for his work on exploratory testing and for co-creating the Session-Based Test Management framework, has accepted our invitation to come speak at Let’s Test 2014. Like his brother, James Bach, Jon is frequently seen speaking at international conferences. However, Jon is rarely seen at conference in Europe, which makes this year’s closing Let’s Test keynote very exciting for us to share with you. The keynote will address different aspects and ways to think about the phenomenon famously known in the industry as “best practices”, and some things you might want to consider when you come across them in your workplace.

That’s it. Those are our Let’s Test 2014 keynotes. Still want more? Well, we did leave some room in the program for a few other things. How does 9 different tracks of full day or half-day tutorials sound? Or maybe 8 different interactive workshops? Or session talks, facilitated evening activities, nature walks, bar, late night dance floor, pool table, darts, swimming pool, sponsor activities, and (on good authority) the best darned conference food you’re likely to find, anywhere. We’ll even throw in a room with a bed for you, in the unlikely event you want to get some sleep.

But first, you have to register, which you can do here. Don’t wait long though, the conference is little more than a month away!

We hope to meet you at Let’s Test 2014!

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