Let´s Test Hangouts – Debrief your experiences with your peers

Are there sessions at this years Let’s Test that you was not able to attend because of the number & variety of tracks available?

Did you find yourself struggling to choose which sessions to attend?

Are you having that worrying feeling that you missed out on some testing gold?

Well, worry no more!

Now that the dust has settled on Let’s Test we’re offering you the chance to share with other attendees of the conference to see what takeaways & learnings they took from their sessions.

We’re arranging hosted hangouts where you can drop in & see what you missed, ask questions of those who did attend & possibly add your voice to the conversation.

That’s not all – these hangouts are not just limited to attendees of Let’s Test!

If you couldn’t make Let’s Test this year, these hangouts are a great opportunity to grab a taste of what you missed & show you why you need to attend next year.

How it’s (currently) going to work:

– Details of the hangouts can be found here
– If you attended a session add your name in the “Session Attended By” column – We would still appreciate your perspective & input;
– If you attended a session & are happy to host a hangout, add your name in the “Hangout Host” column – You will be helping to facilitate the conversation & smooth running of the hangout;
– For those sessions you want to know more about, add your name to the “Interested in Hanging Out” – feel free to just listen in or add your voice, it’s your choice!

The hangouts are being organised & run by kind volunteers. This is likely to add some restrictions to the hangouts. Please be patient & understanding. If you think you can do any better, feel free to sign up as a host – you know where!

Please note, neither the sessions nor the hangouts are being recorded – we prefer to hear peoples impressions & what they took from the sessions as it serves for better discussion.

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