Travelling to Let’s Test Oz

We’ve created 2 packages to help you get to Let’s Test Oz easily

Car Pooling

We’ve setup a special page for registered attendees to self organise travel arrangements. If you want to save a buck or two by car-pooling or sharing a cab with other Let’s Test attendees from (e.g.) the airport.Once you register you will be given a password to go to a (protected) page to add your travel details and contact info in the comment section.

Public Transport

The conference starts at 10am on Monday 15th September. Trains run from Central Train Station, Sydney at 6:52am and 7.23am both will get you to Leura in time for the conference.

If you wish to catch a train from the Airport you can find all the details here.

See you at the conference!

Anne-Marie, David and Henrik


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