Call for Proposals Let´s Test 2015, Sweden

A long wait has come to an end. All those crazy ideas that been brewing in the back of your head can finally be released.

As a conference we are moving more and more towards experiential learning and experience reports. We like to see more doing and less presenting. We like engagement and interactions between participants and the host of the session. We like to see odd stuff, bold stuff, strange stuff, avantgarde stuff and all the other things we can’t think of.

As a general rule we want “first time content” that means it shall never been presented at a conference before. We want Let´s Test to be fresh and full of new ideas.

This year we reach out a little extra to the ones never presented at Let´s Test before. We will have more slots available for you then before. So go get them!

For previous presenters at Let´s Test we encourage you to go where you never have gone before. We know you can do it and we have high expectations on what you will suggest to us. We want to see something extraordinary from you lot!

This time no one is pre-invited to speak or hold a tutorial. It is all up for grabs!

We are now in a time where we release our constraints. So step out of your box. Don’t let format, space or session length hold you back. Many of you know our venue and there are several ways and places both inside and outside to host a session.

How you tell us about the awesomeness of your proposal is up to you but include session length, environment you like to host it in and facilities you need.

We have padded our butts to be ready to fall off our chairs by excitement when reading your proposals.
Entertain us!

Send your proposal to, including an abstract, speaker biography and picture. We don’t force any specific format for your submission, but it should include enough information about your proposal that it’s clear what your topic will be, what the attendees will likely take away from your session, and what kind of format your session will have (full or half-day tutorial, experiential workshop, round-table discussion, or presentation with facilitated discussion at the end) and an approximate length you’d like your session to be (either the traditional 40 minutes of presentation with 20 minutes of open season discussion, or in increments of 60 minutes of whatever format you think will work best for your proposal).

If your session is suitable for more than one type of format, please let us know that too. We want to make sure to give ample room for creative ideas this year, but that also means we’ll likely be tailoring the program quite a bit after what proposals we get.

Deadline Sunday October 26th

It is time to step your game up!

Henke and Johan

2 Responses to “Call for Proposals Let´s Test 2015, Sweden”

  1. vipin jain


    I as looking forward to it and here it is.
    Just wondering what should be included in the proposal? a short summary, or a full abstract and presentation? Pls. clarify and I will do the same.

    Also, can I send more than 1 proposal?



    • Hi Vipin,

      Submit as much information as you think is needed for each proposal. We need to be able to understand the topic you’ll be presenting and what the attendees are likely to take away from your session as well as your intended format (straight up presentation, experiential workshop, etc.) You don’t need to submit and slides.

      Yes, you may send more than one, but it’s usually better to focus on one strong proposal than trying the so called “shotgun approach” and hoping something sticks.

      Good luck!

      / Johan

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