New speakers!

Let´s Test are proud to announce Fiona Charles, Oliver Vilson, Christin Widemann and Torbjörn Ryber as our latest speakers.

Fiona will share her experiences from managing large Systems Integration tests. She will present key strategies to help you address the important questions, and craft a manageable and effective test.

Oliver tells his story about the the ups and downs when, as a outsourcing provider, starting to offer Exploratory Testing with Session-Based Test Management as a service.

Christin is looking at testing from a scientific perspective. Looking at Galileo’s struggle to prove that the Earth is round, Christin draws parallels to the evolvement of testing over the last decades.

Torbjörn observes that we often are solving a problem before the actual problem is fully known. He will introduce effect maps to support the work of identifying stakeholders and what they want to achieve.

A warm welcome to our newest speakers!

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