Preparations for Let’sTestLab 2015

We are putting together the last pieces of the puzzle to make the testlab a successful evening event. One of the late changes that we have introduced is that we start at 20:00 as an alternative track to the other workshops. We believe that those of you who enjoy teaming up with other participants to test together and learn some new tricks, probably want to do this before midnight.

We urge you to bring your own laptop (or mobile device) and use it to install some new tools – some to be tested, some that will help you test better. During previous years we have been close to 80 test labrats at one time in the lab together, so we are not able to provide this many laptops. Please help us out by bringing your own.

Information and updates about Let’s Testlab 2015 will be available at our very own website at:

So tune in and take part in what we are going to do with the testlab this year at Let’s Test.

See you soon,
Ru Cindrea & Martin Jansson

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