Barefoot Running Workshop

Are you a curious runner and would you like to try out something new? How about barefoot running? No, running barefoot does not mean you are a Chuck Norris type of tough person, but a way of smoothly reconnecting with yourself. It is dancing like a butterfly without the sting of a bee. Barefoot running is the slow food of sports.

We will first talk about the principles of barefoot running, the importance of good running form and how to get familiar with a new way of running. There are some dangers, too, and I will point to what may happen if you go too fast too soon. Then we will go for a short round on different surfaces and you will learn that it is not tough to run on concrete. While running we will be listening to the birds singing and have a smile on our faces.

Finally we’ll talk about foot cremes and how to take care of your feet after the run. Excited? Then come and meet us in front of Runöhallen on Tuesday, May 26 at 07:30am. Laugher and an upbeat spirit is highly recommended.

I am looking forward to spending some barefoot time with you.


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