A Word From the CFO

Chief Financial Officer sounds like a really cool job, doesn´t it, sounds much more exciting than cashier or teller. When the others told me the title I would get I had to accept. Among other things I am in charge of the list of attendees for the conference. There are 220 rooms at the venue and we have booked them all. As of today 40 rooms are occupied which means there we have place for another 180 delegates. Many people I talk to say they are planning on signing up – well you better take the chance while there are still places left. We are not going to accept additional delegates after the conference is full – our goal is to keep the conference small. It does not matter if you are my best friend or really famous or really interested, we treat everyone the same, don´t come begging in February.

We try to make it simple for you as well as for us. There´s a sign-up page where you can chose to pay by VISA/Mastercard or invoice. If there are a bunch of you at the same company that want to sign up together and just get one invoice, don´t hesitate to mail me. If you want to hand me money – I promise that I will do my best to make that as easy as possible for you.

Remember that

The early bird get´s the worm!

Which in your case means 20% of the regular price!

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