Tester Mega Gathering

Let’s Test offers another first time event: Tester Mega Gathering

Gatherings and meet ups have proved very valuable world wide and this will be a chance for the people who organise and/or attend them to gather with counterparts from across the globe, as well as an opportunity for those who’ve never attended either to attend and experience it for themselves.

Ideas for the evenings are:

  • discuss potential future events
  • lightning talks
  • games
  • simply put faces to twitter ids and blog posts

Along with the scheduled activities this will be a chance to just talk to people who share similar problems but may have ideas you’ve not thought of and also a chance to share your ideas, your wins, your fails.
Whatever happens it will be fun and there will be some great conversation.

We at Let’s Test are very proud to announce that Tony Bruce, the organizer of London Tester Gathering, will be the head of the Tester Mega Gathering at the conference. He comes with his expertise and experience in arranging these kind of networking events and hopefully this event will inspire more people to arrange Tester Gatherings in their home towns.

We await your presence!

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