Making history? I do believe so!

“Oh, we’re half way there…”

Yes, we now have 110 committed to make history in May! It’s going to be the first Context-Driven themed conference in Europe. Ever! The format is unique. It’s a “camp” with everybody staying at the venue and thus getting a great chance to network and learn even more. The format with keynotes and sessions where we dedicate at least one third of the time (roughly 20 minutes) to a facilitated discussion, is also something we’re introducing in Europe. One of our goals is of course to inspire the testing community in Europe, and elsewhere, to take this and organize more conferences for testers by testers.

110 is half way to filling up the venue! If you’re not one of the 110 make sure you are one of the 220. We want as many as possible to come and be part of this history making event but we have a limited number of seats and beds and it is strictly first come first served.

We see the tutorials filling up, we get a lot of positive feedback about the special events we’re planning and Markus Gärtner has published interviews with Henrik Andersson and Johan Jonasson. The response is truly amazing and I know we have people coming in from all over Europe as well as from places much farther away.

I don’t think I’m living on a prayer when I think we’re going to have a great event and that all who come will take away something special. I’m looking forward to hearing about Let’s Test 2020 and be able to say: Yeah, that’s cool. I know, I was there for the very first one in 2012.

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