A Hypnotic Evening Experience

Let’s Test is very proud to announce an unique evening session with Alan Richardson!

Hypnosis Simplified – A Hypnotic Evening Experience

Hypnosis is a process and state best experienced rather than talked about.
In this interactive evening session, Alan will guide participants and help them experience some of the practical principles behind hypnosis.
You will learn the effects of hypnotic language and create your own hypnotic language structures which lead your subject into trance. When learning hypnosis we have the advantage that we always have a subject to experiment on, we can always experiment safely on ourselves.
We will explore simple induction techniques and their application in self-hypnosis and the hypnosis of others.
This is not a session of stage hypnosis. This is not about embarrassing people and making them do ridiculous things.
This session is about learning the basics of a very powerful process. A process that you already know about, and already use. Because everyone already knows how to hypnotise themselves and others, you probably just don’t realise it yet.
With time set aside to answer questions you may have about hypnosis, this session will help you start down the path of learning hypnosis safely and clearly.

Alan has been trained in conversational and stage hypnosis (he even has the certificates to prove it) by hypnotic luminaries such as Ormond McGill, Jerry Valley, Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, John La Valle, Michael Breen, and Eric Robbie.
Alan’s test approach incorporates elements from hypnosis, cybernetics, systems thinking and other counter culture influences. Alan manages, leads, explores and automates. He has talked at conferences world wide and is the author of “Selenium Simplified”. Alan blogs at http://www.eviltester.com


Further details about this event will be announced shortly.
Stay tuned!

// The Let’s Test Team

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