Let’s TestLab

When Henrik Emilsson and I were travelling down to EuroSTAR 2010 we talked a lot about how a test lab could be setup in an alternative way. We thought that the setup at the time competed with the talks, tutorials and internal conference events. What if the test lab was something that started after the conference and with less focus on sponsors and their tools? Based on those discussions we wanted to try this setup at the Let’s Test Conference.

Our intention is that when all the participants have finished with the talks, tutorials and other events as well as gotten some new energy from dinner, we gather in the Let’s TestLab to share and show how to practice testing. We will also have various games, puzzles and discussions in the Let’s TestLab that will build on what you have seen and heard at the conference. All speakers will be encouraged to continue with a live demonstration during the evening in the test lab after their talk or tutorial.

This year, me and James Lyndsay will be organizing the Let’s TestLab and at the moment we are building the actual test lab as well as investigating who want to be part of organizing various sessions in the lab. We will have laptops available in the lab, but we probably need to compliment by letting each tester bring their own so that they easily can show their tools and perhaps apply them in our context. Please let us know if you want to show or share anything in the test lab.

The detailed schedule for events will be available as soon as it is set. More details will be shared along the way as we build and evolve it.

Hope to see you all in Let’s TestLab!

Martin Jansson and James Lyndsay

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