Runö Conference Centre is surrounded by the beauty of nature on a secluded peninsula in the archipelago of Åkersberga, just 30 minutes from Stockholm and 45 minutes from Arlanda Airport.

This is the place where peace meets quiet. The lush surroundings and wide-open fields envelope this pearl of possibility. The proximity to nature and water create an inner peace and fill the lungs with invigorating fresh air.

Runö Conference Centre was established as a folk high school. The brick buildings mirror the carefully planned architecture of the 1950’s. Inside, everything is newly renovated and decorated in modern 50’s style with light and harmonic colours. There are 220 rooms divided between nine guest homes.

This is an all-inclusive deal. Every meal from morning coffee break Monday to afternoon coffee break Tuesday is included. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased at your own expense.

There is plenty of additional information available in both English and Swedish at the center’s own site:

Here’s a separate “How to get to Runö” document that the venue people have put together: Directions to Runö (pdf)

After you’ve registered, you’ll get access to the Car Pooling & Cab Sharing page where you’ll find additional information on different ways of finding your way to Runö.