Cancellation Policy

There are a number of fixed costs associated with making reservations at our Let’s Test venues, and these are costs we can’t escape once a reservation has been made. Therefore, in the event that you need to cancel your participation at a Let’s Test event, we are forced to charge you a portion of the registration fee, in order to cover the costs we’ve incurred. For Let’s Test 2017, this is our cancellation policy, which you agree to when you register for the conference.

  • Cancellations before January 10th  are subject to a fee of 1500 SEK
  • Cancellations before February 10th are subject to a fee of 3000 SEK
  • Cancellations before March 10th are subject to a fee of 5000 SEK
  • No refunds given for cancellations after March 10th
  • However: You may of course transfer your seat to a colleague with no additional charge up to the first day of the conference

Note: Prices listed above are exclusive of VAT