Protected: Car Pooling & Cab Sharing

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41 Responses to “Protected: Car Pooling & Cab Sharing”

  1. Meike Mertsch

    I’m thinking about coming on Saturday morning as soon as I delivered my dog to the dog sitter. If someone flies in that early, I’ll be delighted to share a cab from the Airport Arlanda.

    • Lars Sjödahl

      If you can’t someone to share a cab with, the cheap route from Stockholm central, which I’m taking, is by public transport to Åkersberga which is 4-8€ fare, plus a cab from Åkersberga for ca 17€.
      From Stockholm Central station / the subway station (T-centralen):
      1. Buy an “AB” ticket (2 zones) in a machine, via SMS if you have a Swedish operator or in a toll booth kiosk (most expensive).
      2 Enter the subway system, Take subway line 14 (“Red”) towards Mörby Centrum, just 3 stops (6minutes) to “Tekniska Högskolan”.
      3 At “Tekniska Högskolan”, exit the subway, head up the stairs to street level, and follow signs to where this station is called “Stockholms östra” (right there, at street level), because it’s the end station of a different line (“Roslagsbanan”), which you are now getting on.
      4 Get on train 28 towards “Österskär”. The same ticket is valid here but a person checks the tickets on board. This train takes ca 35 minutes to Åkersberga. Trains run every half hour (05 and 35) until just after midnight on Sunday evening.
      5 In Åkersberga, get a cab at the station. The fare should be under 20€. Tell the driver the address “Näsvägen 100” if they don’t know the place. It’s just a few kilometers.

  2. Jamie Matthews

    My work colleague and I are getting a taxi on the Sunday, not 100% sure what time we get in, possibly mid-day depending on flight. If anybody would like to taxi share, let me know!

  3. Itay Braha

    I have booked a taxi from down town Stockholm (from the scandic klara hotel) at 07:30 tomorrow morning (23/05).
    If there is anybody traveling from the same area I’d be interested to share.

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