Call for Proposals

We’re opening the Call for Proposals for Let’s Test 2017!

It’s time! Time to start working on those proposals for next year’s Let’s Test conference. And in 2017, we’re going back to the roots of Let’s Test, i.e. actual hands-on testing.

Let’s Test 2017 will be a two day event and will run between May 15-16 at the by now infamous Runö Conference Center outside Stockholm, Sweden.

Now, let’s set the stage: Close your eyes and imagine Runöhallen (the Let’s Test venue’s largest room where we usually have the keynotes). Now imagine this room hosting a huge Let’s TestLab that will be split into four different zones. Each zone will be hosted by one person for three hours. This is the scene for Let’s Test 2017.

In this year’s Call for Proposals, we ask you to propose and host a hands-on session where we actually test something. It can be focused on technology, techniques, strategy, automation, test management, tools/tooling or what you feel is important. The only requirement is that the majority of the time is dedicated to participants getting their hands dirty and do actual testing.

  • We will expect every participant to bring a laptop.
  • We will provide an internet connected Wi-Fi network and a test management tool.
  • We will consider reasonable special requests like cloud based storage or hosting solutions upon request from you.
  • You provide whatever else you need.

In your proposal we ask provide the following:

  • An abstract of your session that we can publish and that gets people excited about attending your session
  • A short personal bio
  • A headshot photograph

In addition, your proposal should contain the following information, either as part of the abstract, or as a separate addendum if your prefer not to publish certain details to the participants prior to the session:

  • Why should I attend your session?
  • How will you structure your session?
  • What can I expect how have learned after attending your session?

If the program committee can’t discern the answers to the above questions, your proposal will not likely be selected.

If your proposal is accepted, we offer lodging for two nights, all meals from Sunday dinner to Tuesday lunch, and this year we also offer to cover your travel expenses within reasonable fares/airfares. In return, we expect you to make sure you deliver a session that is focused on anchoring the acquired learning for the attendees.

Send your proposal(s) to

Call for Proposals ends August 21st.