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The all-inclusive price of the event is SEK 12000 + VAT for the full 2-day event, including access to all the tutorials, additional evening and night time activities, as well as hotel accommodation and all meals plus coffee/tea and snacks are also included in the price. You can't get much more value for money than that! By filling out this form you make a binding registration. Please note that by registering, you also agree to our cancellation policy

After you've registered, your registration fee and fees for any extra options you've selected will be invoiced. All invoices will be e-mailed to your e-mail address. If you like the invoice to be emailed to an additional recipient, please let us know by noting this in the field "Other information. If you require a paper invoice to be snail mailed to you, please let us know by noting this in the field "Other information."

Note that some companies require very specific information on the invoice in order to pay it (e.g. purchase order number, cost center, etc.). Make sure you have the correct billing address and reference number. In order to secure your seat and helping us minimize extra administrative work, please fill out your information carefully.

If you need to make any changes to your registration, please e-mail us at

Due to EU regulations from January 1, 2010 we are forced to add Swedish VAT (25%) to the conference price. For a refund of the VAT charge, companies from countries within EU should contact their country's tax agency for assistance. Most countries' tax agency has this information readily available on their web page and the refund process can be handled electronically.

For companies from countries outside the EU - You need to enter an application form and apply for your VAT refund with the Swedish Tax Agency (Swedish: "Skattverket"). You can find more detailed information here and the application form here.

These regulations are applicable to all conferences within the EU and are not unique to events in Sweden. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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