Let’s Play! – Games Night

Let’s Play!
Tuesday the 27th is Games Night at Let’s Test with Christin, Michael, Paul and Martin

Playing testing games is a wonderful part of our culture, and they bring an aspect of fun to our continuous effort to improve our craft. This year at Let’s Test, we are excited to be hosting a night of fun and games hosted by Paul Holland, Christin Wiedemann, Michael Bolton and Martin Hynie.
– Discover new and challenging games to bring back to work
Bring some of your favourite testing games to share with our community.
– Introduce new games that you are working on and get some excellent feedback from the Let’s Test think tank
– Do your best to dethrone Meike Mertsch – who dethroned Paul last year from his self proclaimed title of “SET Master” in a battle for the ages
– Try to discover how Michael reads minds (no really… if you figure it out please explain it to Martin who is still dumbfounded by this)

In preparation for a fun and amazing night of gaming, you can attend:
– A half day tutorial hosted by Michael and Paul on testing games and their influence on training software testers and/or
– A track session presented by Christin and Martin on the science of playing games and how it might impact your brain

We hope to see you there and look forward to seeing what new surprises you bring to the party!

Michael, Paul, Christin and Martin

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