What to expect during the evenings at Let’s Test!

Most of you probably know by now, that Let’s Test isn’t your average conference where after the final session of the day, everything dies down and people go their separate ways. Instead we believe that when a crowd of this size has decided to take a few days off work to learn more about testing, then they want to squeeze as much as possible out of those 72-something hours. And so to give you a few days to prepare: Here are a few bits of information about what you can expect to see during the evenings at Let’s Test!

Sunday – Open spaces/BoF
Yes, some of you arrive the day before the conference starts and while we suggest you take some time to relax and “carb up” in preparation for the conference, there might be a few of you who are anxious to get cracking right away. We’ll be putting up some flip charts in the lobby area with time slots and locations where anyone who wants can book one of these open spaces and gather a group of people to discuss any topic of interest (sometimes called a BoF).

Monday – Lightning Talks, open bar and DJ
Monday night is Lightning Talks night. If you have a story you want to share, we’ll give you 6 minutes to do just that (including question time). We’ll have flipcharts up in the lobby area from Sunday afternoon and onward where you can sign up for a Lightning Talk slot and then you and everybody else who likes to listen to small amounts of a many things gather in one of the rooms in Folkets Hus 1 between 19.00-20.00 for an inspirational hour with talks from literally all over the world. The time slots will be on a first come first served basis, so if you want to speak, be sure to sign up early. Of course, anybody is welcome to come and listen to the Lightning Talks, even if you opt to not speak yourself.

At 20.00 the sponsored Open Bar starts in the café area for 2 hours of free drinks (or as long as there’s any left in stock). Come say hi to our sponsors and take advantage of their hospitality.

Later in the evening, around 22.00, we’ll kick off the dance floor under the guiding hand of DJ Eddy Bruin from Holland. He’ll be playing ABBA songs all night long (just kidding!) and will keep going well into the wee hours of the night for your dancing pleasure.

Tuesday – Games night, art tour and ISST meetup
If you have any games you like to play together with people, bring them! Testing games (SET, Xendo, etc.) are great, but equally great are any table top games, dice games, card games, mind tricks, plenty questions… anything that might be considered “playable” for 2 or more people basically. Tuesday night is Games Night, under the supervision of legendary game masters Paul Holland, Christin Wiedemann, Michael Bolton and Martin Hynie. They’ll be ready to hook you up with some games from 20.00 in the café area next to the test lab.

At 20.00 we will also be offering an art tour that will take you on a guided tour around the venue grounds and its many pieces of scultures and paintings. The tours starts in the Lobby Area.

Also, Tuesday night has an hour set aside for an ISST meetup. If you’re a member, please join and share your thoughts. We’ll meet right before we head to dinner, at 17.30 in Folkets Hus 1.

All days/nights – Let’s TestLab and more!
Of course the Let’s TestLab is also back, and this year you’ll have the opportunity to dig in and test all sorts of stuff in the lab under the supervision of James Lyndsay and Ru Cindrea. Look for the Let’s TestLab in the Folkets Hus building, past the café area to the left. Or simply follow the sound of bugs being squashed.

There’s also a pool area and sauna on the venue grounds. There’s also the Baltic Sea… Regardless of your level of adventurousness on any given day, swimwear might be something you’d want to bring. There’s also a pool table (billiards) downstairs from the lobby area, and naturally the bar in the lobby area will be open all nights throughout the conference, well stocked with Swedish and international beers and spirits.

That’s it. That’s all. That’s how we do evenings at Let’s Test!

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