Private Consultation with Keith Klain at Let’s Test Oz

When Keith Klain took over Barclays Global Test Center, he found an organization focused entirely on managing projects and processes instead of focusing on critical thinking and business value. Although the team was extremely proficient in test management, their misaligned priorities had the effect of continually hitting the bull’s-eye on the wrong target. Keith immediately implemented changes to put a system in place to foster testing talent and drive out fear—abandoning worthless metrics and maturity programs, overhauling the training regime, and investing in a culture that rewards teamwork and innovation.

Sound familiar? Want to hear more? Send three testers to Let’s Test Oz and we will organize a private one hour consultation where Keith will share insights, experience and lessons learned in what it means for your organization to adopt skills based testing.

Book now to get a great early bird price.

The Let’s Test Oz Committee

Anne-Marie Charrett, David Greenlees and Henrik Andersson

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