Generating Great Test Ideas

Good news.

Great news.

It has never been done before but what the heck let’s raise the bar
and give it a try!

Let’s Test will be hosting the live webcast of Rob Sabourin’s
Generating Great Testing Ideas course on the evenings of Tuesday May
27 and Wednesday May 28.

The course starts at 19:00 Hours (13:00EDT) and lasts for three hours
both evenings.

You are invited to attend this training on-site at no extra cost. You don’t need to register to the class you can drop in and out and in again just as you wish.

Update: As an attendee you can’t interact with the teacher as this course is a webcast. You will be able to listen to the lecture and follow the webcast material on a big screen.

Here is the marketing blurb for the course:

Generating Great Testing Ideas

– Identify a rich mosaic of testing ideas
– Learn powerful testing ideas which can deliver more value with less testing
– Discover test ideas from explicit and implicit requirements and constraints
– Expose weaknesses in design by blending black box, white box and
grey box approaches
– Ensure the system suits the purpose of software under test

Break Out Of The Rut

Are you in a rut? Is your time wasted checking compliance to
incomprehensible requirements? Are you shackled to test coverage
models? This tutorial helps break testers out of their bonds.
Industry veteran Rob Sabourin shows how you can uncover great testing
ideas. This interactive tutorial blends dynamic exercises with real
world examples teaching important concepts which can be applied right

Collect Test Ideas From Many Sources

The tutorial explores a rich mosaic of test sources. Ideas can emerge
from explicit, implied, incomplete and even out of date requirements.
Testers will learn how software designs can expose product weakness.
Discover usage scenario test ideas by talking with customers,
operators and system administrators. Test experiments can be inspired
by products quality characteristics. User stories can reveal important
acceptance tests. Cross functional tests help unearth resource
contention risks. Static analysis can help testers find out about
concealed product weakness which testing attacks may exploit. Test
ideas can come from how similar systems or projects have failed. You
will learn how various bug taxonomies can highlight new testing ideas.
Other sources include: state models, control flow, data and system

Tried And Trusted Approaches

Robert helps testers get out of the rut, think outside the box and
uncover valuable tests from unlikely places. Many real world case
studies and fully worked out examples are provided to let you get
stated right away.

Who Should Attend

This course is appropriate for anyone who works in fast-paced
development environments, including test engineers, test managers,
developers, QA engineers, and all software managers.

5 Responses to “Generating Great Test Ideas”

  1. Wow,what a great and unexpected addition to the programme! Sounds fantastic,as long as there is time to squeeze-in dinner beforehand 🙂

    How interactive is it exactly? Is it the “bring your laptop” type?

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