New Speakers

Let´s Test are very proud to announce our latest amazing speakers, Alan Ricardson and Ben Kelly.

Alan Richardson, a trained hypnotist.
I’ve studied, and used, hypnosis for well over 20 years and view hypnosis as an entirely context driven activity. I will share the best advice I ever received when learning hypnosis and how it applies to software testing.
Join me for this exclusive ‘no secret left hidden’ session and learn to test hypnotically!

Ben Kelly – an ozzie living in Japan, equipped with a sharp tongue and lethal pen.
You most likely have been in contact with them – The Testing Dead!
The testing dead are the slaves to process; the ones who stop and mill around aimlessly when there is no documentation to tell them how to act. Knowledge passes through them unmolested like bacon through a bar mitzvah.
This presentation takes a light hearted look at what is actually a pretty serious problem in the field of testing – zombie testers, and what can be done about it.

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