Why should you attend Let’s Test South Africa 2015?

Do you really want to attend Let’s Test South Africa, but don’t know how to get the funds and manager approvals?

We are here to help – here are just a few reasons we think you will get real benefit from attending Let’s Test –

  • There is no other testing conference in South Africa where you will get to interact with local and international experts so that you can grow your skills and increase your productivity.
  • There are 16 sessions and workshops to choose from, as well as a Test Lab and evening activities centered around creating a space to engage and problem solve.
  • All sessions are facilitated and allow time for discussion and questioning.

To make your life a lot easier, we have created a template request document that you can download or copy and edit to suit your needs. You can find it here.

Then head on over to the registration page and sign up to join us on November 15th!

We can’t wait to see you there! Remember that space is limited!

Louise, Cindy, Henrik and Johan

2 Responses to “Why should you attend Let’s Test South Africa 2015?”

  1. ONUCHUKWU Afamefuna Remigius

    I am an IT graduate rounding up my masters degree in project management. I am interested in software quality assurance and testing. I am planning to take the certification for testing and would love to be in attendance for your subsequent programs which i know will be source of invaluable knowledge. However, i am burdened with tuition fees and other related expenses which i am barely able to complete.

    thanks and kind regards

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