Announcing the program for Let’s Test 2016!

It’s here! The program for the 5th annual Let’s Test conference! Well, half of it anyway. Why only half you might ask? That’s because our accepted speakers are hard at work pairing up in new collaborations to bring you more opportunities to learn and workshop than you can handle. Literally. You can now head over to the Sessions & Workshops page for 2016 and look at the initial 25+ initially accepted workshops, and in the days and weeks that follow we’ll continue to add to that number and eventually present you with not only a 3-day conference schedule, but a 3 day-and-night conference schedule. That’s right, we’ll be going around the clock this time around.

If you think that sounds crazy, know that there is a method to the madness. By offering a program that has too many sessions, more than anyone could possibly manage to attend, we want to encourage participants to take breaks whenever it suits them and come back reinvigorated later in the day, or later at night, and continue their conference at their own pace. To make sure that you don’t have to choose between attending a workshop with your favorite instructor though, we have asked each speaker to appear more than once on the program. That way, if you miss them once for whatever reason, you’ll have a second chance (and in some cases a third and fourth chance too) to attend one of their workshops. Trust us when we say that we encourage hallway hangouts and solitary or group walks among the beautiful nature areas around the venue. The Let’s Test conference experience should be what you want it to be, not what somebody else want it to be.

Why this intense focus on workshops you ask? It’s because we believe that learning happens most effective when participants act and interact with the material and with each other, rather than having it handed down through a lecture-style session. Adult learning requires a component of experiencing what’s being taught, not just hearing it. When we take some responsibility for our own learning, we gain deeper understanding and better retention of what’s being taught, as well as a greater sense of ownership of the newly acquired skill or knowledge. We are strongly influenced by the work of Jerry Weinberg in this, and as Jerry writes in his book series on Experiential Learning: the goal is to create environments in which everyone is empowered to contribute to their own learning.

You really should experience this first hand!

We hope to see you at Let’s Test 2016!

/ Johan & Henke



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