Achievement in the Crowd

by Ben Segebartt

In the story of the Tower of Babel, man forced God’s hand by working together to build a tower so tall it could reach the heavens. The legend says this is when God created the different languages, to prevent an achievement of this scale from ever taking place again.

Today, not only have we gone on to create buildings of previously unfathomable heights, we have redefined what human to human cooperation means.

Our modern world is being simultaneously shaped, and chronicled by this cooperation. Thanks to the capabilities of an incredibly young technology known as the internet, people from all backgrounds, all walks-of-life, every language can participate in the conversation that is human achievement. These people, every one, are members of the crowd.

If the internet is young, the idea of crowdsourcing is downright embryonic. The term was coined only ten years ago, and yet today crowdsourcing is responsible for breakthroughs in fields ranging from dog-walking to finding a cure for cancer.

As members of the testing community our lives are touched directly by crowdsourcing every single day. We see it in practice in our own companies, in our competitors’, and especially in our varied online hobbies. In one way or another, we all play a role in the crowd.

Testing is an act of curiosity, trial, observation, and evaluation. Something achieved with many fields of reference, through many points of view. With a breadth of knowledge and experiences, through each new set of eyes, our perspectives on testing are enriched.

Join us in our endeavor this October. Not only to attend an outstanding conference, but to take part in the creation of something special. Something new that has the potential to leave every one of us standing out from the crowd.

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