Co-Author a Book on Testing

by Leo Hepis

This just in: We discovered we’re missing your perspectives and insights.

The testing community doesn’t yet have your words, your stories, your pain-points, your triumphs, your aspirations, your clever solutions.

Without your input, our collective intelligence is fragmented.

We need your narratives, your expositions, your diagrams, your sketchnotes, your poetry even!

We need your serious, funny, puzzled, ingenious, and most importantly unique slice of testing experience that is you.

Nobody but you can access that unique perspective.

Said Jeff Howe, inventor of the term crowdsourcing, “Collective intelligence flourishes in direct proportion to the amount of diversity contained within a group of people, and their ability to express their individual viewpoints.”

On Oct 3rd, 2016, in the span of a single day, and with your unique and diverse contributions, we will go from the blank page to a complete book on Software Testing!

And if writing hasn’t been your medium of expression, we will offer key tools to make writing easy and fun.

The clock is ticking.

Only 5 weeks left.

Register now so we can properly plan for you co-authoring the Book on Testing.

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