Our final Salute!

Join us for the last waltz

This upcoming May we will host the annual Let´s Test in Stockholm Sweden for the 6th time.

This will also be the last Let´s Test arranged in Europe. We will continue with Let´s Test in South Africa this fall.

Our work is done!

Our mission with Let´s Test has been to prove that one can do conferences in a different way.

  1. You can as an individual set up a conference, you don’t need to be a big company nor a professional event provider.
  2. Focus on the experience of all attendees not only the presenters
  3. Learning in a relaxed and fun but yet challenging way
  4. Being a platform for the context driven community


When we started we were unique in Europe with Let´s test. But the world is different today, now we got loads of conferences both small and huge with many different themes. We believe that we pioneered and paved the road for these diverse and wonderful conferences. You proved that you can do it and we are not needed anymore!


We invite you to join us in celebrating our final farewell at Let´s Test 2017 in may 15-16 in Stockholm.


We will miss all you lovely Let´s Testers!

Henke, Johan & Linda

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